A/AN Series - Submersible Wastewater / Sump Pumps

  • A/AN Series - Submersible Wastewater / Sump Pumps

●  A precision manufacture assembling lines, complimented with a synthetic production test to ensure each IP68 motor with highest level of final pump quality.

●  Standard accessories include : cable with an epoxy resin sealed water-resistant cable base, Auto-cut motor protector, double mechanical seals and lip seal design.

●  Oil Elevation Disk design in the oil chamber to ensure the mechanical seals lubrication and to extend the service life of pump.

●  Lightweight, portable and durable for wide range of uses.

●  A-05A is a practical pump, with a low temperature, oil filled motor and single mechanical seal design (CA/CE).

Technical Table of Contents (PDF)

✉ A 50Hz 0.5~1HP
✉ AN 50Hz 1~5HP
✉ A 60Hz 0.5~1HP
✉ AN 60Hz 1~5HP
✉ A 60Hz 0.5~1HP FEET
✉ AN 60Hz 1~5HP FEET 


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●  Sump drainage.

●  Flood control.

●  Water features.

●  Dewatering fishpond, basement, cellars.

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