AL Series - Submersible Wastewater / Effluent Pumps

  • AL Series - Submersible Wastewater / Effluent Pumps

●  Casted iron body pump with 100~150μm high solids epoxy coating offering the highest quality and performance.

●  5~15HP Triangular handle design for easy handling on Guide Rail System.

●  Compact, high head, and high efficiency for wide range of use.

●  Oil Elevation Disk design in the oil chamber to ensure the mechanical seals lubrication and to extend the service life of pump.

●  Equipped with Auto-cut Protector, epoxy cable base treatment, double mechanical seals and lip seal design.


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Item Description

of Use
Liquid Temp. 0~40°C (32~104°F)
Applications General Wastewater
Sewage and Industrial Water
Type Frequency 50/60Hz
Motor 2P (50Hz 3000rpm •
60Hz 3600rpm) • Dry Motor
Insulation Class F(2~5HP) • Class H (7.5~15HP)
Protection IP68
Protector Auto-cut (1&3Ø 2~3HP,3Ø 5~10HP) •
MTS (5HP 1Ø) • MTS & MS(15HP)
Bearing Ball Type
M.seal Double M.seals
Impeller Open
Material Upper Cover FC200
Motor Frame FC200
Shaft SUS403 (2~10HP)•SUS420J2 (15HP)
M.seal CA/CE & SiC/SiC
Casing FC200
Impeller FC200
Footing FC200
Cable VCT or H07RN-F or SJOW/SOW
Optional Pumps can be customized to fit specifications


●  All industry wastewater.

●  Building rainwater drainage, flood water removal.

●  River / lake water extraction.

●  Landscaping, aquaculture and agriculture irrigation.

Technical Table of Contents (PDF)
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✉ AL 60Hz
✉ AL 60Hz FEET

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